#IWD2018: Part 5 – Celia Fowler

Today’s double instalment for International Women’s Day features our LBG Client Manager Celia Fowler:


What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

To me, International Women’s Day is a day of celebrating the achievements of women throughout history (especially in the face of adversity) whether that be social, political, environmental or other. Conversely, it’s a day in which we fight for the rights future generations. It’s the signifier of never giving up.


Have you experienced any negative gender-related issues in your career?

I had always feared gender discrimination in the workplace when I was younger. I think it’s easy to think in this way when you look at generations past, and how women have historically been treated in the workplace. I think that especially as a young woman starting their career, there is still an underlying fear that women will not be taken seriously in the workplace, or that we will be perceived as inferior. You worry about starting a family and how this will impact your career, and you worry that this will make you a less desirable candidate, most of all you worry that these assumptions have been made before you’ve even shaken someone’s hand.

I’m thankful that our industry is not like that, and I’m grateful to have met some amazingly powerful and inspiring women in my career so far.


What advice would you give your younger self as you started to navigate your career?

The number one piece of advice I could give to my younger self is to realise your value and your worth. Stop worrying about what others think, and above all, do it for you.


What would your hopes be for Women and specifically around the theme of #PressforProgress?

I think that we all need to be the drivers of change – regardless of gender. I’d really love to see more men globally engaging in the fight for women’s rights – especially in countries where women do not have as loud a voice.

Source: CC News Feed

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