Ethics in Tech: A business-wide challenge

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Tech companies appointing Chief Ethics Officers

Negative news stories around the poor behaviour of tech giants such as Deliveroo means that the tech sector is facing a crisis of trust. Will a proliferation of new executive roles, such as Salesforce’s first Chief Ethical and Humane Use Officer, be sufficient to stem the issue?

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Ethics in tech now vital for investors

Ethics in tech has never been as important to investors nor as visible now that AI is enabling forensic analysis of big data.  The outperformance of ESG investing highlights the appeal and need for standardised data, on which tech companies are falling short.

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Medtech – the debate we’re not yet having

With the digital health market predicted growth to $536.6 billion by 2025 it’s no surprise that tech brands like Apple are now investing in the shift from wellness to healthcare. Yet these medtech advancements raise serious challenges around data privacy, affordability, exclusivity and potential exploitation.

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