Please see below some simple answers to your most frequently asked questions.


Why was LBG set up?


LBG was established to help companies answer five key questions about their corporate community investment programme:


1. How much do we contribute? The model helps companies to understand the total amount of cash, time and in-kind invested in the community.


2. What do we support and where? The model enables companies to understand the geographic spread of their community support and the kind of themes supported, like education, health and arts & culture.


3. How do we help meet wider business goals? Through the model, companies can track how their community programme support wider business goals, like building employee morale or creating reputational advantages.


4. What difference do we make to the community? We have developed impact measurement tools to help members measure the difference their programmes make.


5. What do other companies do? Through the LBG membership and the annual benchmarking, member companies share data and best practice.


How does LBG actually work?


When a company joins LBG, they agree to the member charter (link).

New members are allocated a dedicated account manager to support the company in applying the LBG model. Members have access to all workshops, webinars and the annual Plenary.


Members also participate in an annual benchmarking exercise where they share information on their community investment programmes with the Group.


Is the LBG just for big companies?


No, we also have a number of smaller companies that find the membership and model useful.


Are there any restrictions on membership (sectors/type of business excluded?)


No, we welcome companies from all sectors and geographies.


Are there any responsibilities we have to fulfil as a member?


Yes, members are asked to agree to the LBG Charter and to submit their data as part of the annual benchmarking process.


My company is based in Africa/Asia/The South Pole - can we still join?


Yes, we have members based in Europe, US, Asia, the Middle East and Australia. We run many events by webinar to enable members all over the world to take part.


Do you collect information from members, and what do you do with that info?


Yes, we ask members to submit their data as part of the annual benchmarking process. We check the data for accuracy and then share the data with the membership. We do not publish any individual member or sector data externally. We publish sector and all-member data.


How much does it cost to join?


Membership is £3750 (+VAT) per year.