The LBG Network

The LBG Network is a forum for businesses to learn best practice on measuring and managing their community investment activities.

Comprised of businesses from 15 sectors across the globe, the LBG Network comprises of multinational global corporations to medium sized enterprises. If you’re a community investment professional, the LBG Network offers a wealth of expertise to help you make the most of your organization’s community program.

Current members are listed here.

Businesses join to:

Know what to measure, and how.

LBG helps you to measure your community program in a rigorous and credible manner. Built by business, for business – LBG lists out the potential metrics you can measure, with guidance about how to calculate figures. And, it’s recognized by leading indices such as RobecoSAM and Business in the Community (BITC). Businesses save themselves time by using LBG, rather than trying to figure out what to measure.

Measure to manage.

Using LBG to measure your community programs will give you the information to make informed decision about your activities. Know how much you give to long-term partnerships vs ad-hoc donations or how your contributions are split across key issues or geographies. Businesses use LBG metrics to perform strategic reviews, optimize their programs and monitor performance and delivery of objectives.

Continuous learning is essential.

Facing a challenge within your community program? We’re also certain one of the businesses in the LBG Network have faced it too. We provide a forum for you to connect and learn from your peers so that you can make a difference within your organisation. LBG gives you access to the combined knowledge and experience of over a 160 community investment professionals across the globe.

Collaboration makes us better.  

Community investment is an evolving space.
• Companies are targeting their efforts on issues material to their businesses.
• Skilled volunteering is being utilized to deliver learning and development in HR programs.
• Businesses are innovating in how they create social impact, investing into their own products and services.
Businesses within LBG explore the hot topics and identify best practice together.

Simply Measurement

Know what to measure, and how.

Inform Strategy

Connect With Companies

Create Best Practice

Build their measurement programs

Find their route to impact

Benchmark against leading companies

Access tools and support

Connect with their peers

Why join?

LBG gives you the tools, network and support to make the most of your community program.

You will have access to:

A dedicated account manager to answer queries and ensure you make the most of your membership.

Consultancy support to help apply the LBG Framework.

Data collection tools to record and analyse your data.

Impact measurement tools to help you identify and measure the impacts of your activities.

A tailored insight report that shows your businesses performance against others.

Benchmarking results from over 160 businesses to see how much and where others invest and create an impact.

Events, webinars and practical workshops that provide you with the opportunity to connect with peers to learn best practice.

Use of the LBG logo in communications to show alignment to the standard.

How to join?

Join LBG in a few easy steps.

1 - Contact us to learn more
2 - We'll arrange a time to discuss your needs
3 - Review the value of LBG Membership
4 - Get started!

Businesses in LBG commit to applying, developing and growing LBG whilst ensuring the confidentiality of data, as outlined in the Members’ Charter.

Do you need additional support?

Corporate Citizenship also supports organizations in the design, implementation and measurement of their community programs.

Community related services

Community data assurance: The assurance process helps members ensure that the LBG Framework is being correctly applied. This builds trust and confidence, both in what member companies are doing in the community.

Strategy development: We help organisations develop a holistic community strategy that aligns with business objectives, delivers measurable results and engages key stakeholders.

Bespoke issue research: Our methodology identifies the most material societal issues for your organisation to help scale your program. We provide insight into areas such as STEM education, employability skills and financial exclusion.

Flagship program design: We create and launch signature community or social investment initiatives thatcan be scaled to drive reputation and engagement.

LBG Members

Geelong Cats
Geelong Cats
Royal Mail
Royal Mail

Corporate Citizenship has changed how it supports LBG Affiliate Networks

As part of the significant strategic and operational change programme LBG embarked on in 2018, Corporate Citizenship informed organisations manging affiliated LBG networks that from 2019 support to these networks would cease. With respect to past relationships with affiliate organisations, and to mitigate disruption to networks, Corporate Citizenship agreed to a staged withdrawal of support and use of its logo’s and trademarks over the first half of 2019. Redevelopment areas, including the recent expansion to the Framework, have been communicated widely and can be found detailed in our most recent annual report. If you are a member company of an affiliate network affected by this change and would like to speak to us directly please contact us via mail

Add on additional services to your membership

Businesses in the LBG Network can easily gain access to broader services offered by Corporate Citizenship at discount.

Community strategy assessment:

A strategic review of community investment activities, compared against the LBG Framework.

Impact measurement:
A facilitated workshop to identify impacts and metrics, with follow-up impact measurement plan report.
Measurement planning:
Support to develop a measurement program that will help you collect and analyze community investment and social impact data.
Foundations assessment:
A strategic assessment of whether a corporate foundation is right for your business and help establishing it.
Social innovation and share value:
Support to help you identify opportunities to maximize the social impact of your products and services.
SDGs analysis:

An analysis of your program and strategy against the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Reporting and communications:

Support in developing and delivering an effective reporting and communications strategy.

Corporate Citizenship ha cambiado la manera en la que presta apoyo a redes afiliadas de LBG

Como parte del cambio estratégico y operacional que se está llevando a cabo en LBG desde 2018, Corporate Citizenship informó a las organizaciones que gestionaban dichas redes afiliadas que, a partir de 2019, cualquier apoyo y afiliación con LBG dejaría de existir.
Con respecto a las organizaciones antiguamente afiliadas con LBG, para mitigar interrupciones, Corporate Citizenship acordó el cese progresivo del apoyo y del uso de sus logotipos y marcas registradas a lo largo de la primera mitad de 2019. Proyectos de mejora, incluyendo la expansión del marco teórico de LBG, han sido difundidos ampliamente y están detallados en la versión más actual de nuestro Reportaje Anual. Si usted es miembro de una red afiliada de LBG y se ve afectado por estos cambios, por favor contáctenos aquí.

Corporate Citizenship a changé la façon dont elle prend en charge les réseaux d'affiliation LBG

Dans le cadre de changement stratégique et opérationnel lancé par LBG en 2018, Corporate Citizenship a informé les organisations gérant des réseaux affiliés à LBG qu'à partir de 2019, le soutien à ces réseaux cesserait. En ce qui concerne les relations passées avec les organisations affiliées et pour atténuer les perturbations des réseaux, Corporate Citizenship a accepté un retrait progressif du support et de l'utilisation de son logo et de ses marques au cours du premier semestre 2019. La reactualisation, y compris l'extension récente du Cadre, ont été largement diffusés et plus de détails peuvent être trouvés dans notre dernier rapport annuel. Si vous êtes une entreprise membre d'un réseau d'affiliation concerné par ce changement et que vous souhaitez nous contacter directement, veuillez nous contacter par courriel.

Corporate Citizenship cambia il modo in cui supporta i propri Network di affiliazione LBG

Come parte del significativo programma di cambiamento strategico e operativo avviato da LBG nel 2018, Corporate Citizenship ha informato le organizzazioni che gestiscono i  reti di affiliazione LBG che dal 2019 cesseranno il supporto di tali network. Per quanto riguarda le relazioni con tali organizzazioni affiliate e per agevolare l'interruzione dei network di affiliazione, Corporate Citizenship ha concordato una graduale cessazione del supporto e dell'uso del suo logo nella prima metà del 2019. Le aree di sviluppo, inclusa la recente espansione del Framework, sono state ampiamente comunicate e possono essere trovate in dettaglio nel nostro ultimo report annuale. Se siete una società membro di un Network di affiliazione e siete interessati a questa modifica e desiderate parlarci direttamente, vi preghiamo di contattarci via mail.

A Corporate Citizenship mudou a forma como apoia a Rede de Afiliados LBG

Como parte do significativo programa de mudanças estratégicas e operacionais que o programa LBG iniciou em 2018, a Corporate Citizenship informou as organizações gerenciando a rede de afiliados LBG que a partir de 2019 seu apoio a essas redes deixará de existir. No que diz respeito às relações anteriores com as organizações afiliadas, e para atenuar interrupções as redes, a Corporate Citizenship concordou com o o afastamento gradual de apoio as redes, incluindo o uso do seu logotipo e marcas registradas, ao longo do primeiro semestre de 2019. As áreas de re-desenvolvimento, incluindo a recente expansão da estrutura, foram amplamente divulgadas e podem ser encontradas em maior detalhe no nosso relatório annual mais recente. Caso você seja uma empresa membro de uma rede afiliada afetada por essa mudança e queira falar diretamente com um membro da nossa equipe, por favor entre em contato conosco via e-mail.